Our Business is Sustainable Chemistry

Tack ATTACK was only the beginning — BCM Biodegradable Solutions is dedicated to develop and produce products for the home, office, and industry that are safe to use, fully biodegradable when spilled into the environment, and are based on materials and chemicals sourced from natural materials and plants, fruit and seed based chemicals and derivatives of them.

Founder, Brian Milner, is an experienced industrial chemist who has worked for major industrial oil companies in Canada and has been directly responsible for many developments in environmentally safe industrial metalworking products and cleaning products.

Before formingBCM Biodegradable Solutions, he was the founder and President of Chem-Ecol Ltd, based in Cobourg, Ontario. That company, founded in 1975, grew to become the largest “custom reclaimer” of industrial oils in Canada. Brian sold that company in late 2012 and is now concentrating on using his chemical knowledge to produce products for the home and office using “sustainable chemistry”.

Our first product was Tack ATTACK Biodegradable Glue Remover

This is a 100% biodegradable product to remove glues and sticker residues and will compete with “Goo Gone” and similar products. Goo Gone is made completely from petroleum solvents and as well as being very aggressive and corrosive to the skin, is very flammable, with a “flash point” just above room temperature.

Tack ATTACK is made from materials derived directly from various fruits, seeds, and vegetables and has been rigorously tested in our laboratory and found to be equivalent to Goo Gone (and other similar products) for the removal of sticky glues from various surfaces. It is fully biodegradable and contains NO petroleum products.

  • It has the advantage of not having a low flash point, although will still burn if ignited.
  • It has not shown to be a primary skin irritant but should be washed off the skin.
  • Avoid eye contact as it is an eye irritant.

Tack ATTACK is available in two sizes, 100 ml. and 500 ml containers with a finger sprayer for dispensing. Spray a little on the glue residue, rub lightly, then wipe off with a rag or tissue. Wash with soap and water to remove all traces.

Normal use: For hard surfaces remove as much of the label as possible then apply Tack ATTACK as a light spray, wait a short while for it to soften the residues, then rub lightly and remove by wiping with a clean cloth or tissue to remove all residues. Wash with soap and water to remove the last traces of the material.

For plastic coated labels and similar materials: try to score the plastic surface material with a sharp knife then apply Tack ATTACK and allow to stand for a while. Tack ATTACK will slowly attack the base sticky glues and make the label easier to remove.

For cloth and upholstery: test on an inconspicuous area first to check for colour stability. Spray the area affected with a light spray of Tack ATTACK and gently work into the area with a cloth dampened with the product. Gently blot with a clean, dry cloth to remove the residues. Repeat as necessary. Launder if possible to remove all traces of the material. Do not treat clothing while wearing.

Other ZAPRRR Products in Development

We have also formulated an entire line of 100% bi0-degradable cleaning products we call “ZAPRRR” products. Included are: Stain Zaprrr, Scale Zaprrr, Grease and Grime ZaprrrHand Soap Zaprrr, and Glass andMirror Zaprrr.

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