Tack-Attack easily, and safely, removes labels and sticky adhesives from almost any solid surface.

But that’s not all—Tack-Attack removes tar, wax, crayon, tree sap, pine gum and more—in fact, we’re discovering more uses for Tack-Attack every day—it’s even a stainless steel cleaner! And it’s 100% biodegradable!

Tack Attack Adhesive and Label Remover

Removes Labels and Sticky Adhesives

BCM Chem Products Scale Zaprrr

Effectively Cleans Off Tar and Asphalt

BCM Chem Products Stain Zaprrr

Cleans Off Crayon and Melts Waxy Deposits

BCM Chem Products Grease and Grime Zaprrr

Removes Sticky Tree Sap and Pine Gum

Here’s what Tack-Attack Users are telling us:

“I feel like I am writing for a TV commercial… We are doing some renovations in our kitchen. This morning I removed a cutlery insert from a drawer and sadly remembered that I had oh-so-wisely taped it down with Tuc Tape many many years ago. It actually worked great as I am sure you know how sticky that damn tape is! The tape came off but the sticky residue left behind did not. What to do? Tack Attack to the rescue. In my impatience, I only waited two minutes after spraying. This stuff rocks!! Congratulations!”


“I contacted Brian to ask him whether Tack Attack would work and be safe to use to free parts of a clarinet that had been glued together. Being unable to answer positively to my query, Brian gave me a bottle of Tack Attack that I picked up at his office.  Although his product did not allow meet separate the parts, I was pleased that Tack Attack was safe to use on wood, metal, and rubber found in clarinets. Furthermore, his generosity impressed me.


I have used your goo remover twice and was totally impressed.  I had to remove the tax stickers from my boat.  I used a heat gun to remove the stickers and I usually use toluene to clean off the glue that is left.  I thought it would be a good time for me to try your product.  It worked great.  I couldn’t believe how soft it was to use.  Paint thinner has such a strong smell and aggressive to your skin.  I think you have a winner.  The spray bottle makes it very easy to use also.”

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“I fell in love with Tack Attack biodegradable glue remover the first time I used it to deal with the residue from a very hard to remove price sticker on a glass candlestick. I followed the directions, removing most of the paper and then sprayed the area with Tack Attack. It easily removed all traces of the sticker and wiped off without a trace. I have also used it to remove glue residue from my fingers. It worked quickly and smelled great. I highly recommend this easy-to-use product—it really works! It’s really a great product.” 


“Being in the label business, we have a lot of glue build-up on equipment rollers from our production processes. I jumped at the opportunity to try Tack ATTACK glue remover in an industrial environment. The product exceeds our expectations of pressure sensitive glue removal from latex and rubber rollers when compared to traditional solvents we currently use. Given the natural ingredients and biodegradable properties of Tack ATTACK over traditional solvents, we will continue using Tack ATTACK in our production environment.” 

Paul J. Sproule, Operations Manager, , Maritime Labels and Packaging

“This product is amazing!  I was given a sample and finally got around to trying it …then proceeded to look for more items which needed gunk, goo, stickiness, and marks removed. So satisfying to have a safe, natural product to use …that WORKS!  I will definitely buy this for myself and friends will be on the receiving end of this as their next gift.  Thank you for creating it.”

V. Derry

“Tack ATTACK is unreal. My son had a hockey stick covered in old, caked-on hockey tape. Gone in 30 seconds! I can’t believe I didn’t video it!”


“I sprayed Tack ATTACK on the bottom of a soup bowl that had the price tag still in place after many times through the dishwasher. Let it soak one minute… label came off in one piece. Tried on glue stick residue on kitchen island …wiped it off immediately. I love this product!”



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