Tack Attack is simply amazing!

A 100% biodegradable product, Tack Attack Adhesive Remover has a pleasant citrus fragrance. That’s because it’s derived from materials and chemicals sourced from natural materials and plants, fruit and seed-based chemicals and derivatives of them.

Tack ATTACK Removes:

• glue residues from labels and stickers;
• crayon marks from walls and furniture;
• rubber puck marks from walls and arena glass;
• rubber marks on hockey equipment;
• rubber bumper marks on boat hulls;
• oily, greasy and sticky residues on equipment and tools;
• asphalt, blacktop and tar residues on clothes, boots, hands, and equipment – safer than conventional hazardous solvents;
• decals off cars, trucks, and sporting equipment;
• baked-on glue residues;
• floor tile adhesives and residues;
• old stickers on appliances;
• fiberglass shower stickers;
• tape residues on hockey and sports equipment;
• rubber shoe sole marks on floors, walls, and baseboard trim;
• adhesive from bandages – cloth types only, NOT plastic ones;
• grease from clothing – spray, then launder normally;
• PINE TREE SAP – absolutely the best material for removing this safely!

…and it cleans Stainless Steel!

It will even remove wax! Read what this Tack Attack user says:

“The other night I was heating up my facial wax in the microwave and the bottom of the plastic jar split open. Wax exploded all over the bottom and sides of the microwave. It was a mess!

I was able to scrape off most of the wax on the turntable. That left the worst of it on the sides of the microwave and the door so I Googled how to get it off. I tried vegetable oil; just scraping it off; rubbing with a dryer sheet; and using a scratchy pad, but nothing worked. I tried to steam it clean with water and vinegar, but that exploded too and ended up with water and vinegar running out of the microwave onto my new stove!

I cleaned up that mess and waited for my husband to see if he had any other suggestions. He suggested Tack Attack so I sprayed some on a test area, let it sit for a few minutes, and it worked!

It was almost 10pm by then, so I left the rest of the clean-up ’til next day. The worst spots took two applications of Tack Attack, but it was a way easier clean-up than I thought it would be! Thank you, Brian!”


Need more proof? Watch as Brian demonstrates.

Tack Attack Printer Demo

The above photos show how Tack Attack effectively removed sticker residue from this office printer. Click to enlarge.