BCM Biodegradable Solutions is dedicated to developing and producing non-toxic household cleaning products for the home and office that are safe to use, fully biodegradable, and based on naturally sourced materials.




Biodegradable Cleaning Products from BCM Biodegradable Solutions

The Absolutely Amazing Glue and Adhesive Remover! 

Citrus-scented Tack Attack is a fully biodegradable cleaning product. IT’S THE EASY WAY TO REMOVE ADHESIVES — virtually any “sticky” stuff. And what’s more, Tack Attack is a great lubricant – in fact, it will do just about everything WD40 can do and even more! If you’ve tried that other GOO remover, you’ll love Tack Attack — it works great, there’s no bad smell, it’s non-flammable and it’s non-toxic! 



Biodegradable Cleaning Products from BCM Biodegradable Solutions

For Swimmers Who Can’t Stand Chlorine Odor After a Swim! 

Chlorine Zaprrr is the best way to get rid of chlorine odor after swimming in a pool or hot tub — it takes the stink away quickly and easily when used as a safe and gentle body wash or shampoo. As a biodegradable cleaning product, add it to the wash to get harmful chlorine out of your swimwear! If you love swimming but hate that chlorine smell, Chlorine Zaprrr is going to make a big difference to your after-swim pleasure!


Meet Brian Milner, chemist, and creator of a whole line of biodegradable cleaning products you can use every day!

“I’d been in the chemical recycling business for years. After selling my successful waste oil recycling firm several years back, one evening, my wife complained to me that there just had to be a better, easier way to remove sticky, adhesive labels from purchases she’d made. That’s when I came up with the idea and formulation for my first product, ‘Tack Attack’, a product that easily removes labels and sticky stuff while being pleasant-smelling and safe to use. It was just the beginning, I now have over 9 – 100% biodegradable cleaning products! Please try them, I think you’ll like them a lot!” Brian

Brian Milner_BCMchem

 More of our 100% Biodegradable Products

Chlorine Zaprrr

Chlorine Zaprrr Chlorine Remover
2 Bottle Pack  – FREE SHIPPING

Fabric Magic Double

Fabric Magic – CLOTHING
2 Bottle Pack – FREE SHIPPING

Fabric Defender Double

Fabric Defender – UPHOLSTERY
2 Bottle Pack – FREE SHIPPING

Ice Zaprrr Winshield De-Icer

Ice Zaprrr Windshield De-Icer
2 Bottle Pack – FREE SHIPPING

Stain Zapper Web

Stain Zaprrr Stain Remover
2 Bottle Pack – FREE SHIPPING

Sap Zaprrr Tree Sap

Sap Zaprrr — 500 mL
2 Bottle Pack – FREE SHIPPING


Here’s what people are saying about our products:

“I was horrified when red wine got spilled on our white slip-covered living room sofa! We’d always been really careful with this very expensive piece of furniture and were afraid some reupholstering might now be needed. Luckily the cushion covers are removable and we quickly sprayed Stain Zaprrr on the wine spots and tossed it in the washer. The result: no stain at all! Thanks to Stain Zaprrr!”

Colleen, Port Hope

“I’m an avid swimmer but I have a chronic skin condition. I’ve been using Chlorine Zapper after my swims — and in the wash too. I’m pleased to report that I’ve had no further skin breakouts since switching to Chlorine Zapper from the product I was using before! I’m very happy with the Chlorine Zapper product and I recommend it to all my friends at the pool!”


 “I jumped at the opportunity to try Tack Attack glue remover in an industrial environment. The product exceeds our expectations of pressure-sensitive glue removal from latex and rubber rollers when compared to traditional solvents we currently use. Given the natural ingredients and biodegradable properties of Tack Attack over traditional solvents, we will continue using Tack Attack in our production environment.” 

Paul, Nova Scotia

Brian I have used your goo remover twice and was totally impressed. I had to remove the tax stickers from my boat. I used a heat gun to remove the stickers and I usually use toluene to clean off the glue that is left.  I thought it would be a good time for me to try your product. It worked great. I couldn’t believe how soft it was to use. Paint thinner has such a strong smell and aggressive to your skin. I think you have a winner. The spray bottle makes it very easy to use also.”

Jerry, Cobourg

“I contacted Brian to ask him whether Tack Attack would work and be safe to use to free parts of a clarinet that had been glued together. Being unable to answer positively to my query, Brian gave me a bottle of Tack Attack that I picked up at his office.  Although his product did not allow me to separate the parts, I was pleased that Tack Attack was safe to use on wood, metal, and rubber found in clarinets. Furthermore, his generosity impressed me.”

Gary, Ottawa

“I swim a few times a week at the local sports center.  There is more chlorine in the pool now and it leaves a terrible smell and dries my skin. I tried Chlorine Zaprrr and it instantly removed the smell and as I have been using it I find that it also reduces the dryness that comes with swimming. I even use it on my hair with conditioner after. I highly recommend using this product after swimming or a jacuzzi — you will find it takes away that chlorine smell and itching.”


I tried out the body wash/shampoo after a swim and I’ve got to say that I think it works well. The first thing I like about it was the fact that it foamed and lathered up. ….always a nice touch for me. It stayed on the skin nicely ie. didn’t run off the second you put it on. Liked the fact that it was a gel. Once again it didn’t run off the sponge. I really knew it worked when I applied my body lotion after the shower. My cream actually smelled the way it should — not chloriney like usual.

Eileen, Cobourg