Hand Soap Zaprrr

Easily get oily, greasy hands really clean without the use of abrasive content.

Free delivery in the USA and Canada.

The fact is, you really don’t need messy, gritty material — often microplastic pellets — in your hand cleaner to get oils, greases, and just plain dirt off your hands! Hand Soap Zaprrr gets the job done quickly without abrasives. Hand Soap Zapper completely emulsifies oils so you can rinse them away. Plastic abrasive content in hand cleaners can build up and clog drains and are just plain harmful to the environment because they don’t break down. We think you’ll find Hand Soap Zaprrr pleasant smelling and efficient — a pleasure to use — your hands never had it so good! Available in 500 mL hand pump or 1L 2 pack.

Hand Soap Zaprrr is also available in sizes 20L and in 205L drums and can be made up without any colour by special order, just call 905-373-5113 to order.

Watch this video to see a comparison with
a gritty hand cleaner.