Ultimate Textile Protectors for Fabrics, Leathers, and Upholstery.

An Invisible hydrophobic barrier you can easily apply
to repel water, oil, dirt, and grime
— actually makes fabrics easier to clean!

What are Fabric Magic and Fabric Defender?
Simply a specially formulated spray-on solution for the protection of textiles, leathers of all kinds, and heavier fabrics like upholstery. A water-based coating, that’s environmentally friendly and invisible because it goes on ultra-thin allowing materials to “breathe,” — so garments stay comfortable to wear without causing irritation and upholstery fabrics maintain their original appearance and texture. Choose Fabric MAGIC for wearables, Fabric DEFENDER for upholstery.

Fabric Magic and Fabric Defender are durable and ultra-repellent of water and oils and do not change the colour, texture, suppleness, or durability of the fabric. And what’s more, they’re easy to apply, safe to use, and will not harm your skin.

Fabric Magic

How do they work?
When sprayed on, Fabric Magic and Fabric Defender penetrate the fabric and coat the fibers with an ultra-thin coating. They don’t “seal” a surface because they do not completely fill in the fabric entirely but simply coat the fibers with a “nano-sized” (one-millionth of a millimeter) protective barrier maintaining the absorbency and breathability of the material while providing ultimate protection from dirt, grime, and oils. This means fabrics and leathers retain their original appearance longer and are easier to clean when needed. Accidental spills of coffee, cola, wine, cooking oils — almost anything — can be easily mopped away with a paper towel! See the photo above.

Other fabric protectors based on unhealthy Silicones or Fluoro-based chemicals, will wear away over time when exposed to the sun and frequent washing. And what’s more, Fabric Magic and Fabric Defender have an extremely high degree of UV durability lasting up to two years and can be easily be re-applied if needed

How much will it cover?
An 8 oz. bottle will treat between 8 and 30 sq. feet of fabric depending on the absorbency of the material.

See how Fabric Magic actually repels stains:

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