Chlorine Zaprrr chlorine remover — made for swimmers!

Eliminate the smell of chlorine on your skin and swimwear after swimming or the hot tub.

100% biodegradable Chlorine Zaprrr is a great way to get rid of chlorine odour — it takes it away quickly and easily when used as a safe and gentle body wash or a chlorine removal shampoo. Add Chlorine Zaprrr to the wash as a chlorine remover for swimsuits which will make them last longer and smell better!

Chlorine Zaprrr is gentle on skin and fabric because it’s made from natural substances that are environmentally friendly — to YOU and your clothes! It’s a unique product that’s custom-formulated in our lab and available nowhere else. Swimmers are raving about it and telling their friends.

It’s time to eliminate chlorine odour with Chlorine Zaprrr.

Here’s what Chlorine Zaprrr users are saying:

“I swim in a public pool three times a week. My bathing suit used to really stink of chlorine. I tried Chlorine Zaprrr and I have to say I’m delighted! I use it in the shower as a body wash, and on my swimwear in the washing machine. The odor is gone! Thank you Chlorine Zaprrr!”   Marie

“I’m a competitive swimmer and I’m in the pool a lot. I used to be amazed at how often I had to replace my swim trunks due to chlorine damage. Not only that, people used to remark on my “chlorine scented cologne”! After discovering Chlorine Zaprrr, all that’s history—it’s easy on my trunks and I think I smell better too!”  Taylor

“My kids like to swim and they can easily spend hours in a pool. The result used to be faded bathing suits that just fell apart after a while due to chlorine damage. I have found that adding Chlorine Zaprrr to the wash when I rinse them, takes the smell away and helps preserve the fabric for longer life.”  Jacynthe

“I’m an avid swimmer but I have a chronic skin condition. I’ve been using Chlorine Zapper after my swims — and in the wash too. I’m pleased to report that I’ve had no further skin breakouts since switching to Chlorine Zapper from the product I was using before! I’m very happy with the Chlorine Zapper product and I recommend it to all my friends at the pool!”  James

I tried out the body wash/shampoo after a swim and I’ve got to say that I think it works well. The first thing I like about it was the fact that it foamed and lathered up. ….always a nice touch for me. It stayed on the skin nicely ie. didn’t run off the second you put it on. Liked the fact that it was a gel. Once again it didn’t run off the sponge. I really knew it worked when I applied my body lotion after the shower. My cream actually smelled the way it should — not chloriney like usual.”  Eileen

“I swim a few times a week at the local sports center.  There is more chlorine in the pool now and it leaves a terrible smell and dries my skin. I tried Chlorine Zaprrr and it instantly removed the smell and as I have been using it I find that it also reduces the dryness that comes with swimming. I even use it on my hair with conditioner after. I highly recommend using this product after swimming or a jacuzzi — you will find it takes away that chlorine smell and itching.”  Debbie

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