BCM 100% Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Get the job done with products that are safe for you and the environment.

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Tack Attack Adhesive Remover – Citrus-scented Tack ATTACK is a fully biodegradable cleaning product. IT’S THE EASY WAY TO REMOVE ADHESIVES — virtually any “sticky” stuff — and SO MUCH MORE! You’ll be amazed at all the things Tack Attack can do, it will even clean stainless steel appliances! See all that Tack Attack can do!

Fabric Magic for Wearables – Repels water, oils, dirt, and grime on fabrics. An environmentally-friendly, invisible nano-spray that goes on ultra-thin allowing materials to “breathe” so they stay comfortable to wear without causing skin irritation. More information

Fabric Defender for Upholstery – Repels water, oils, dirt, and grime on upholstery. An environmentally-friendly, invisible nano-spray that goes on ultra-thin allowing materials to “breathe” so they stay comfortable to touch. Great on leathers too. More information

Chlorine Zaprrr for Swimmers – Chlorine Zaprrr is a great way to get rid of chlorine odour after swimming in a pool or hot tub — it takes the smell away quickly and easily when used as a safe and gentle body wash or shampoo. As a biodegradable cleaning product, add it to the wash to get harmful chlorine out of your swimwear! More information

Ice Zaprrr – Our new Ice Zaprrrr Windshield De-Icer easily melts away ice and snow on your vehicle’s glass. Just spray it on and the ice is gone! A 100% biodegradable cleaning product, Ice Zaprrr will not harm your vehicle’s finish. Available as a two-pack in 32 OZ size.  More information

Stain Zaprrr – A stain remover that really works! In tests against a wide range of commercial stain removers presently on the market, Stain Zaprrr was found to work the best — completely eradicating stains! Red wine, grape juice, cranberry, jams, and jellies — all can be treated and removed rapidly. Stain Zaprrr works like magic — just spray on the stain and the stain just goes away. Safe to use — won’t harm fabrics. Available in 250 mL spray bottle. More information

Sap ZaprrrQuickly removes sticky, messy tree saps from the skin, tools, and machinery! A 100% biodegradable product based on materials and chemicals sourced from natural materials and plants, fruit and seed-based chemicals, and their derivatives so it’s safe for YOU and the environment. More information

Glass & Mirror Zaprrr – An excellent general-purpose biodegradable glass cleaner that’s also great for mirrors and hard surfaces. It leaves no streaks! Made with rapidly biodegradable materials that are safe and easy on the environment.

Grease & Grime Zaprrr – A heavy-duty, cleaning solution for the removal of greasy deposits. Use full strength for machinery degreasing or diluted as much as 50 times for lighter duty cleaning such as car washing. Phosphate-free and safe for skin contact.

Scale Zaprrr – An environmentally-friendly hard water lime and scale remover based completely on natural fruit and vegetable acids. Works better than “CLR” and protects brass and copper parts, is safer to use, and contains no mineral acids.

Hand Soap Zaprrr – A biodegradable heavy-duty hand cleaner with no added abrasives for mechanics and factory workers that’s really effective at removing oil and greases and gentle on the skin and the environment! Available as a two-pack with two 1L  pump bottles. More information